Company profile

Business name: JHJ KOVEX, spol. s r.o.
Residence: Pri ihrisku 499/22, Veľké Kozmálovce 935 21, Slovakia
INO (IČO): 31 439 161
Date of creation: 22. 06. 1993
Legal form: Limited Liability Company
  • Štefan Holečka, Kozárovce
  • Juraj Jakubík, Tlmače
  • Peter Janó, Tlmače
Predmet činnosti:
  • metal working
  • locksmithery
  • sharping and polishing of metals barring sharping knives, scissors and simple tools
  • commercial mediatory activity
  • foreign business
  • performance of manager work, marketing
  • public and cargo transport
  • production of metal constructions and their parts
  • production of metal prefabricated elements for constructions
  • production of metal reservoirs and containers
  • production of heater elements and cutlets of central heating
  • production of steam cutlets besides central heating boilers
  • forging, pressing, slicing and rolling of metal, dusting metallurgy
  • production, installation, reconstruction, repair, service and marking of pressure machinery
  • processing and surface metal modification
  • production of steel reservoirs
  • production of fixtures, screws, chains and springs
  • production of metal products unfiled elsewhere
  • production of venteds and armatures
  • production of raising and operating machinery
  • production of machines on common purposes (ex. machine for bender of metal plates)
  • production of special machines
  • production of parts and accesories for motor vehicles and their motores